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DISGUISED WITH THE MILLIONAIRE is being offered at 99 cents for the first week of its release on Monday, September 15th, 2014.

Also available is DANGEROUS PARADISEwhich is the first book in the Dangerous Millionaires Series(Books can be read in any order and are standalone books.)


(“Heartbreakers: Dangerous to her Heart, Dangerous to her Soul”)

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She came to the company to find a Killer       

       Kate Meyers finds herself grief stricken after the news of her brother’s death at a construction site owned by the wealthy Trent Farrington. After speculation of faulty equipment and wrongdoing, the police eventually clear his company. Kate takes it upon herself to find whoever was the hand behind her brother’s demise and lands a job with Farrington Construction to do her own investigation. When she meets Trent, Kate instantly dislikes and distrusts the strikingly handsome millionaire and thinks he’s involved. She can’t wait to get evidence against him. Her greatest pleasure would be to see him pay for what he’s done—behind bars. 

           Trent Farrington finds himself intrigued by the company’s newest employee, but previous bad experiences with women have taught him to be cautious. However, he is drawn to the alluring beauty, but he’s puzzled that she seems to hate him for some unknown reason. He’s used to women throwing themselves at him, and her attitude shocks him and is refreshing all at the same time.       

         While Kate searches for the evidence to implicate Trent, she has to work closely with him.  However, the information she uncovers isn’t exactly adding up against him. She dislikes how her traitorous body reacts whenever he is near, although he appears to enjoy her reaction immensely. She vows to leave the company as soon as she collects the evidence, but she soon learns nothing is as it seemed… Whoever is involved might be an outright killer!

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Disguised with the Millionaire by Debra Andrews

Disguised with the Millionaire

by Debra Andrews

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Also available for purchase, the first book released in the Dangerous Millionaires Series.  (Books can be read in any order and are standalone. The Millionaires are a family of cousins):


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Full-length, Romantic Suspense Adventure Novel — Tropical Paradise       

Strangers: a cynical, handsome British actor and a young business woman on the run for their lives              

         In DANGEROUS PARADISE, Kelly Cochran’s late father was accused of embezzlement, causing the financial ruin of many clients. After death threats, she gets away on a South Pacific cruise to consider her options. She thinks she has her life all figured out. She’ll save the family business to repay the investors and marry her Mr. Right, her childhood crush and mentor–the wealthy movie producer Robert Hillyard. Everything is going as planned on the cruise ship until an assassination attempt on her life leaves Kelly in a life-and-death survival situation with her fiancé’s associate, Alex Drake

        English actor Alex is devastatingly handsome and the most infuriating man she’s ever met. He’s recently out of a marriage made in Hell and vows never to remarry. The cynical playboy is the last person she’d want to be stranded with alone on a tropical island. For Alex, who wants to be the next major movie star, getting involved with Kelly is career suicide as her future husband employs him.    

         Now, in a fish-out-of-water survival game and trying to find their way home, they are dependent on each other for everything, even in the depths of the night. To survive, Kelly and Alex must put aside their differences while their attraction escalates. Unfortunately, the two don’t have time to analyze their feelings for each other since the only people who know they are alive are those out to kill her. 

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 **Finalist in the 2012 National Readers’ Choice Awards for Romantic Suspense **RWA’s San Diego “Spring Into Romance” Contest Finalist (2011)  


The Romance Review

  Strong plot, likeable yet flawed characters, steamy sex scenes and lots of excitement  September 18, 2013 (Reviewed by Delta)

 REVIEW:  There’s nothing quite like a romantic suspense novel that keeps you glued to the page wondering how the hero and heroine will get out of the situations they find themselves in. DANGEROUS PARADISE will thrill you, chill you and make you swoon with smart dialogue, yummy sexy time, a great plot and an adventure that will have you flipping the pages as quickly as you can. Kelly Cochran is trying desperately to make up…http://www.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=7934 

REVIEW: “Greed, lust, murder and mayhem drive this intense mystery.” Read the full review in the 2014 April issue of InD’tale Magazine. REVIEW: “Andrews flips the typical romantic suspense script and makes this truly original book rise above the rest! . . . tighten your life vest — the thrilling, unexpected ending is a ginormous splash!” ~ Romantic Times Magazine 4 out of 4 1/2 stars


5 Star REVIEW (Amazon) : “I really enjoyed this book. It was fun to read and I enjoyed the setting-so sunny and warm. The writing was smart and easy to read. It kept me on edge with suspense. And wow hot hot Alex was just one of many interesting characters.” 

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 Coming Soon: A Contemporary, Romantic Suspense: 

Another Dangerous Millionaire Novel (“Heartbreakers: Dangerous to her Heart, Dangerous to her Soul”)


“Lies, Betrayals, and Second Chances”

 Expected Publication Date: Early 2015




Debra Andrews: “Writing Glitzy, Sexy romances with a Dangerous Twist”

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